Combining Sessions

Features that users would like to see in a future release of iSMARTtrain
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Combining Sessions

Post by msimswil »

For me, it would be really useful to be able to combine sessions using iSmartTrain.

I often go on all-day bicycle rides. If I leave my Polar attached to the bike during a break it switches off after a while (I think 30 mins) so I have to start a new session. I realise that in terms of exercise this is strictly speaking a new event. But I would prefer to have one diary entry that logs my whole day (distance, time, TRIMPS etc.) rather than several separate sessions that I have to add together manually to see how far I've travelled.

I previously tried combining some sessions manually using Excel, but it was a complicated process. Maybe if I were better at Macro programming. But I'm not.

Wonder what other users think...? This might already be a feature but if it is I can't find it.


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Re: Combining Sessions

Post by lonnyda »

This is an awesome suggestion as I have the same situation happen often.
Thanks for considering this new feature!

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