Attachments and Workout Management (planning)

Features that users would like to see in a future release of iSMARTtrain
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Attachments and Workout Management (planning)

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I've found a few places where I can Spinning Workout in PDF forms, (with track-list of music)... It would be nice, if in addition to "Routes", there was a way to attach to a "Workout Plan" to the training session.

So simple attachments to sessions would "Stage 1" of feature.

A second phase of this, would be Workout Management, where you can put in target Paces, TRIMP's, Ave/Max HR, etc...and then compare actual results to planned results.

In addition to text notes, it would be nice if you added the ability to Record Voice notes. Macs have built-in mic's with Core Audio Libraries or QT libraries, it should be pretty easy to do a simple "Voice note record"

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