Add Search Options, Notes, Keywords

Features that users would like to see in a future release of iSMARTtrain
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Add Search Options, Notes, Keywords

Post by mcmasty »

Please add Search Options for the following
- Text matching of Notes
- Text Matching of Courses Description
- Keyword Value Searching

So Specifically the "Use Case" I am interested in....
Since it is late winter, the weather is changing quite frequently, and I want to cross check which clothing I should wear; I record in my notes, what I wear during most work outs as well as the temp's (as recorded on my HRM and AccuWeather Real Feel from start / end of run) I would like to check the weather, then search for all training sessions where Temp (a keyword I added) is in a certain range...if that is not possible, then I'd like to search for all notes that contain the text "heavy pants"...or some other word...

So some search functionality would really help....

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