Improved report generation

Features that users would like to see in a future release of iSMARTtrain
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Improved report generation

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I know I'm spoiled with Polar's PPP/PPT report generation capability, but it seems like there is some room for improvement in displaying trends:

Polar's reports, using "iSMARTtrain" terms, are like a "Sessions" bar graph, with up to 3 "Keywords" overlayed:
- You can create and customize up to 15 different "named" reports
- You can graph every numeric item associated with a Day or Exercise
- Exercise Times can be broken down and displayed by "Time Spent in HR Zones" (somewhat like what appears in weekly summaries in the calendar view)
- Bar (Session) graphs and line (Keyword) graphs can display an optional trendline (either a flat average or linear slope)

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Re: Improved report generation

Post by Stuart »

Thanks for those - I'll look into them and see which ones we can implement.

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