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TRIMP calculation for Polar S410 per session

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:54 pm
by bonebakker
I've been using iSMARTtrain 3.0 beta for more than a year now, managing my own Polar S410 and my wife's RS200.
When I import data from the RS200, the watch apparently reports the TRIMP values or the time breakdown. When I download data from the S410 I have to recalc all TRIMPS before the TRIMP values are available. While this is annoying, here is the rub: recalculating TRIMP values destroys the original RS200 values, setting them to zero. So, when I use my wife's watch to go out running (and get the distance), I lose these TRIMP values whenever I do a recalculate to get my S410 numbers.

So my request is simple: when I import Polar S410 data, can the import function perform a TRIMP calculation for that session only and add it to the session settings?