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Keyword Search, Note Search

Posted: Sun May 03, 2009 3:55 am
by mcmasty
I Track tempurature and what clothes I wear during my work-outs, however, it is very hard to find other workouts with-in a temp range, so I can reference how I dressed previously.

Please add 2 search functionalities.

1) Key work search, where you can a Query Builder, where you select the "Keyword" you want then the type of query (in range, =, less than, etc)...similar to "Saved Searches" in Mac OS X, or Smart Queries in iTunes.

2) Any word search for "query text" in any field in the database....e.g. I could search for "Windstopper" find all bike rides where I wore my Craft Windstopper top....if I added Windstopper to the notes, or keyword, etc