HR Data Analysis Ideas

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HR Data Analysis Ideas

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Hi guys,

I'd be interested in strengthening the analysis of HR data in aggregate. I'll kick off a couple of ideas:

1. In Sessions view, have an option to show aggregate (weekly, monthly) single bars (height showing total time or total distance) which are made up of HR zone % (using same colours for each zone as in other views) -- this is excellent for quickly reviewing different phases of training leading up to a major effort since you can both see intensity and quantity quickly. I realise TRIMP view partly does this, but it hides high intensity acitivity (or lack of it) by converting everything into a homogeneous TRIMP point (don't get me wrong, I like TRIMPs a lot for measuring total 'stress').

2. In analysing HR data, it might also be good to add to Preferences an option to ignore sessions where HR is > X .. e.g. some of my Garmin 305 sessions, because of problems with the strap etc. have a few minutes of HR at 200+ (which I'm sure I cannot physically make!). Hence, in building good aggregates for HR, it is helpful to be able to ignore these sessions.

Others feel welcome to add more ...


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