Version 3.0.6 Beta 4 Release

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Version 3.0.6 Beta 4 Release

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The latest beta of iSMARTtrain V3.0 is available for download from

New features include:
'Totals' window now works correctly for multiple users
'Today' button in 'Month View' has been replaced by a 'Go To' button
Average Data lines in Data Graph are now drawn correctly
Newly created databases now have units for default sports based on user's international settings
Replaced all the 'Import' menu items with a single 'Import' menu to import all supported files
Now correctly imports tcx files from Forerunner 405 with run cadence
If an imported .tcx file has only one session, the session is adding to the database without showing the 'Add Sessions' dialog
tcx files with a pause in the data are split into separate sessions - setting added to preferences to determine the maximum delay allowed before the file is split
Added 'Show' button to Data Graph which displays a popup menu, allowing the various data lines on the graph to be switched on and off

As always, any problems/questions, etc., please post here.


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