Suunto memory belt

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Suunto memory belt

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I guess you haven't solved the protocol for the Memory Belt?

I have been strugling with the memory belt for a couple of days now.
The protocol is almost (or the same) as other suunto devices but the memory map is a bit different.

at 0x0f28 there is a index of files.. and then the files start at 0x1000+(index - 1 ) * 0x0200.
The file header starts with a date (6 bytes) then 4 bytes of something.. then there is 3 bytes of duration and 20 bytes of owners name.

The data is somehere between the file header address + 0x3d and the next file but i really dont get the format.

I even tried to generate a "pulse" at a fixed rate with a signal generator, which was detected by the device (64bpm). Then i made a frequency analysis on the data but could not see any emerging pattern.

Any ideas?

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